Breaking the Monopoly

In 1997 the company Zone Systems broke the state monopolies in the Scandinavian telecommunications markets by building a transmission link between Sweden and Denmark. The transmission was based on a microwave radio.

This was the beginning of GlobalConnect.

Breaking the monopoly

The First Fibre Optic Network

In 1998 Zone Systems participated in Denmark's first fibre optic cable trenching operation, and Zone system was restructured by seperating the company's activities into two businesses. One company, Zone Systems A/S, would focus on hardware products for broadcast and telecom.
The second company, GlobalConnect A/S, would focus on fibre optic networks and services for telecommunications.

During 1999 GlobalConnect's fibre optic network expanded to cover most of Denmark and northern Germany, and more than 1.2 billion dollars were invested.
In order to strengthen its finances GlobalConnect received additional capital from the U.S. venture fund Paradigm Ventures in March 1999. Later the same year the first major service contract for fibre optic networking was signed with the first international telecommunications operator, and it was soon followed by a number of other important contracts.

Connections to Germany & Sweden

The first fibre route went from Copenhagen to Esbjerg and began operation in 1999, and the final deployment of a full ring structure, which connected Copenhagen to Hamburg, was completed in December 2000.

In 2000 GlobalConnect started its actual data and telecommunications business. Prior to this period GlobalConnect's business was primarily project driven, focusing on the development and construction of fiber-optic networks, and GlobalConnect was engaged in the pre-selling of network capacity. 

In 2001 GlobalConnect built an additional fiber ring from Kolding to Sæby, on to Gothenburg in Sweden, and back to Copenhagen.

The Fibre Network Becomes Operational

In 2001 GlobalConnect's network became fully operational, and the company began offering network services. Dark fiber had been the main product of GlobalConnect, but transmission capacity was now rapidly increasing in importance as the main product.

GlobalConnect Today

Today GlobalConnect offers a wide range of products and services: Fibre, transmission, internet solutions, data center solutions, voice and cloud solutions. We are Denmark’s leading alternative provider of solutions for efficient and secure data networking, housing, and cloud services. We cover the whole of Denmark, parts of northern Germany, and parts of Sweden with more than 13,000 km of high-speed optical fibre and 13,000 m2 data centres.

Did you know? A significant part of all Danish Internet passes through GlobalConnect’s network. 

Mission & Vision

Mission: network solutions in a class of their own

GlobalConnect's mission is to offer the most powerful, most effective, and most future-proof network and housing solutions to companies and organizations operating in our markets.
We want to give all of our customers optimal conditions for innovation, competitiveness, and a strong economy through solutions that are technically and commercially second to none within our field.

Vision: fibre for everyone

Optical fibre technology and high speed networking represents a huge potential for the development of businesses and society as a whole.
The more people that have access to fiber, the greater the opportunities for innovation and growth in a globalized world. That's why we believe that everyone should have access to a fibre-based network.

GlobalConnect is Highly Ranked

GlobalConnect often ranks among the top companies in Denmark when it comes to national awards and prizes.

We are proud that our company is still deeply involved in setting the agenda for the IT and telecommunications industries in Denmark. For several years in a row the national business newspaper Børsen has named GlobalConnect as the country's most prominent IT and telecommunications company.

Here are some of the most important prizes we have won:
Ernst & Young, 2014: Entrepreneur of the Year - Zealand
Ernst & Young, 2009: Entrepreneur of the Year - Growth DK
Exchange 2009: Year talented IT and telecom provider
Exchange 2008: This Year's (second) best telecom and Internet Company
Exchange 2007: The Best Telecommunications and Internet Company
Exchange 2006: The Best Telecommunications and Internet Company