Environment & values

We appreciate new ideas

At GlobalConnect it is a short step from innovative idea to action. All employees regardless of position are encouraged to contribute ideas that are imperative in ensuring the company's continued growth and success.

The sharing of experience is also an important guiding principle at GlobalConnect. The continuous development of our staff constitutes an important part of GlobalConnect's values, especially because our employees are our most important asset.

Independence and ownership

At GlobalConnect we are fully focused on customer service and quality. We work independently, and we work at our best when we manage and structure our tasks ourselves. We ensure that the work is done in the best possible way, and we always take into account the needs of customers and colleagues.

We consider it an important quality to be able to take ownership and full responsibility for own tasks. At the same time, we want our employees to excel when working in teams. It is also important to communicate clearly and to be ready to help colleagues when necessary.

We aspire to create a work environment that is as inspiring and as motivating as possible, and that we through our work make optimal use of individual skills and qualifications. One of our goals is that all employees constantly learn something new, and that everyone gets the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Satisfaction and Balance

Working at GlobalConnect should be fun. This is the opportunity to show what we can do, and we are not afraid to try something new. We respect and appreciate our colleagues, and we embody a high work ethic.

We are aware that we sometimes must make an extra effort when we are busy, but we always strike a healthy balance between work and social life. And of course we have a great respect for family life.

Our values:

We are a company with an exciting, flexible, and challenging working environment where we with pride, joy and enthusiasm develop our skills in a professional and creative way for the benefit of our communityand with mutual respect to ensure the continued growth and success of GlobalConnect.