Flexible and Future-Proof Cloud Solutions

In the coming years, most companies will go from owning and operating their own IT centres to using cloud solutions as those we deliver at GlobalConnect.

With Corporate Cloud, you will get an inexpensive, more flexible and far more future-proof solution. This will allow you to focus on your core interests - your growth and productivity.

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Data Centre

Top Secured Data Centre Solutions

If you are looking for a safe and top professional colocation to place your servers and IT equipment, you need look no further.

With 13,000 square metres of data centres and Denmark's fastest fibre connection to and from each data centre, you will never notice that your equipment has moved out.

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Security Solutions

Today, the financial sector is not alone in paying attention to security. At a time when more and more data are transmitted over the Internet, many new industries have also started to focus on security. Therefore they choose to establish their own fibre connection.

Have you considered whether your data are adequately protected?

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