"Free" Cooling

GlobalConnect Safeguards the Environment

Data centres use energy - quite a lot in fact. At GlobalConnect, we are aware of our impact on the environment, and we would like to reduce our daily C02 consumption.

That is why we have chosen to introduce "green cooling" in our data centres. Conventional cooling systems normally use large amounts of power. To avoid this, we chose to introduce free cooling systems in all our data centres in 2008.

Free cooling systems are intelligent cooling systems that, in contrast to conventional cooling systems, offer considerable operational savings. During the winter months, they are designed to take advantage of the outdoor temperature to cool the data centres, thus using a minimum of energy.

Tore Heide Villund, Group Manager GlobalConnect Housing


Economies of scale allow for environmental measures that many companies do not have a chance to implement. We give our customers the opportunity of being part of a community with a clear conscience that focus on environment-friendly solutions not normally found in small data centres.

Tore Heide Villund, Group Manager GlobalConnect Housing   

Logical for the Environment!

It is simple logic, but, unfortunately, many cooling systems around the country still cool without using nature's own resources. This affects your bottom-line and not least the environment. In our view, this is almost absurd, which is why we have chosen to introduce free cooling systems.

Get a Top Professional Data Centre

If you are looking for a safe and top professional location to place your servers and IT equipment, you need look no further. With 13,000 square metres of data centres and Denmark's fastest fibre connection to and from each data centre, you will never notice that your equipment has moved out. Why worry about cooling and fire safety? Let us lie awake at night for you. You deserve a good night's sleep.

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Operational Reliability

Having taken on the responsibility of ensuring that a number of companies can maintain their operations because they have chosen to place their server facilities with us, we have also taken on the responsibility of ensuring operational reliability. That is why we have joined forces with the best in the field, who boast many years of experience in design, maintenance and operation of data centres.

That is why our data centres also meet the high international standards required under an ISAE 3402 approval.

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Plenty of Space!

We have more than 13,000 square metres of data centres placed all over Denmark, a number we keep expanding. All our data centres are linked to our nationwide fibre network of more than 13,000 km fibre.

You will therefore gain access to one of Denmark's fastest connections. Your data will literally move at the speed of light, and you will never be able to tell whether the server is in your own office or ours.

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