ContentConnect:  Neutral Market Place for Digital Content 

Connect to the nationwide fibre ring, and you will gain access to our neutral transmission platform, an innovative market place for content providers and antenna associations.

GlobalConnect has created a digital market place where antenna associations and service providers can deal with each other on neutral ground in a nationwide fibre ring.

Service providers:

Do you want to sell content and services?

  • Become a nationwide service provider in one connection
  • Have a direct line to the antenna associations
  • Expand the customer group and obtain economies of scale

As a service provider:

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Antenna associations:

Do you want to buy content and services?

  • Obtain access to a nationwide distribution network
  • Avoid being bound to one supplier
  • Choose freely among the connected service providers

As an association:

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GlobalConnect does not interfere with agreements concluded between buyers and providers of digital content - we only deliver a neutral transmission platform.

We are looking forward to welcoming suppliers and associations in our new eco-system for digital content.

Can we help you?

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