Carrier Ethernet

Network Technology of the Future Delivered Today

With Carrier Ethernet, you can forget everything about translation of IP addresses, security breaches, tedious waiting times for reconfigurations and below-standard quality. Carrier Ethernet is born for fibre. This means that the technology works perfectly on GlobalConnect's powerful nationwide fibre network.

A Solution in Carrier Class

All GlobalConnect's solutions, including all connections via Carrier Ethernet, live up to the term Carrier Class. This means that quality and uptime are exceptional and meet the extremely high technical quality requirements for transport networks of international telecom operators.

With Carrier Ethernet solutions from GlobalConnect, your company will become small again. Regardless of whether you are located in Lemvig or Gedser, you will have high-speed access to the same network and the same IT services as if you were all sitting in the same building.

Ethernet Private Line

Ethernet Private Line

GlobalConnect's Ethernet Private Line is a simple, efficient and safe solution when it comes to connecting two or more addresses with a professional Ethernet connection. With Ethernet Private Line, you simply get an extension which can operate over long distances in the same way as if a cable ran between two rooms in the same building. This makes it easy to expand your local network to several addresses.

Download: Ethernet Private Line data sheet 

Download: EPL Service Access Dual Head-End data sheet



A VLAN Port from GlobalConnect is a network solution for those who wish to establish Ethernet Private Line connections from one Gigabit port to several local addresses without the traffic going between the local addresses. This makes it easy for service providers and companies with many branches or local branches to connect new addresses. This means greater flexibility and better economy.

Download: VLAN Port data sheet 

Wireless Pro Ethernet

Wireless Pro Ethernet

With wireless Pro Ethernet, you acquire a professional radio-based point-to-point network connection, which you do not share with others. And even if we send your connection up in the air, you will still obtain speeds between 25 Mbit/s and up to 10 Gbit/s. Wireless Pro is suitable for establishing high-speed connections for e.g. exhibitions, festivals, construction sites, etc. It also provides a good alternative to fibre if your address is far from our existing fibre network.

Download: Wireless Pro data sheet 

Can we help you?

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International Network

By collecting your national and international connections at GlobalConnect, you can establish a combined Danish and international network solution through one responsible supplier. We have our own backbone in the Nordic countries and Northern Europe, which is your guarantee of quality, control and flexibility. And as a long-standing supplier to a number of international operators, we are also able to find the best suppliers abroad to deliver your data to the terminal. This means that you get an end-to-end service agreement that applies to the entire network.

Download: International Networks data sheet 

Security 24/7

Your Ethernet Private Line is monitored 24/7 from our central OMC in Taastrup. You can therefore be sure that operational security is optimum. With Ethernet Private Line, you get the same high quality which we deliver to telecom operators and service providers throughout Denmark. In other words: You always get a Carrier Class solution.

Read more about security here.