Fibre Coverage Map

GlobalConnect's fibre network is always nearby

GlobalConnect's super fast fibre network covers all of Denmark and parts of Sweden and Germany.

You can count on us if you need a first class network solution.  We are rarely very far away from you company. This means that delivery of a fibre solution from GlobalConnect is both easy and quick.

GlobalConnect - Fibre Coverage Map

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Dark fibre: Dedicated Network

If you want your own network, a private fibre network can be established for you and your company.

Each fibre will carry only your data traffic between your preferred locations across the country. You decide how to use the fibres and which equipment to connect.

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WDM: The Ultimate Network Technology

If you are looking for the absolute highest transparency and efficient speed, WDM is the solution for you. This technology makes it impossible to mix data, as the waves carrying your data are physically separated. This is your guarantee for a high level of security. With WDM, you get the benefits of a dark fibre solution, but without the need for repeater stations and without the need to buy equipment - we will do that.

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SDH: Preferred Technology of the Telecom Industry

SDH is the well-known and massively tested technology for connection to telephone systems. With an uptime of 99.9% on redundancy and an auto-failover of less than 50 ms, you will get the highest quality in circuit-switched network technology. We have introduced SDH throughout our 13,000 km fibre network and can therefore offer nationwide services.

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Carrier Ethernet:  Network Technology of the Future

Carrier Ethernet forms the backbone of most of our products and solutions. It is the most elegant transport technology of the IT and telecom industry and offers a wide range of benefits compared with the more conventional and much heavier solutions such as MPLS. All GlobalConnect's solutions, including all connections via Carrier Ethernet, live up to the term Carrier Class. 

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Managed Network Solutions: A Complete Network Solution

Managed Network Solutions are your entry to a network where we handle the design, delivery and monitoring of complete network solutions. Single Point of Contact ensures comprehensive service from start to end. We deliver your complete solution as a service - you do not have to own equipment with all the related service charges, contingency agreements, depreciation, etc.

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Fibre Rings Provide Operational Reliability

Our entire nationwide fibre network is structured as rings. If a connection has a break or other disturbance, another access route is always available for the connection, and the service will not be interrupted. Our central and critical locations often have several fibres into the building. This means that there are always multiple access routes for transmission to and from the main hubs of the network.

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