Corporate Core Service

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Corporate Core Service

Would you like to handle your own daily IT operation and systems and data security while having access to an up-to-date infrastructure that is appropriate to your business? With GlobalConnect’s Corporate Core Service, you get an IaaS solution with virtual CPUs, memory and storage as a complete installation or as an add-on to an existing data centre as part of a hybrid solution.

We can provide a customised infrastructure, meaning that the data centre service will be designed specifically according to your needs and wishes. The infrastructure can include everything from large, dedicated SANs for special tasks to clusters provided as capacity for specific applications, or simply a very difficult task. You are also free to choose add-ons.

We offer:

    • Our own geographically separate Danish data centres
    • A complete installation or an add-on to an existing solution

With Corporate Core Service, you minimise expensive capital tie-up in hardware and software, and you can keep track of your infrastructure costs. Imagine a corporate cloud that you can customise and build on to suit your business.

Added Corporate Services

In addition to outsourcing in the form of IaaS solutions enabled by Corporate Core Service, GlobalConnect offers everything from dark fibre and internet connections to fully managed IT outsourcing, business telephony and SIP trunking solutions that can link the company’s IT systems together in a closed circuit. You can freely choose add-ons based on what your company finds relevant.

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