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IaaS - We offer the most secure and flexible infrastructure on the market

With GlobalConnect’s Infrastructure as a Service, you have the choice between a full installation or add-ons for existing datacentres consisting of a hybrid solution containing virtual central processing units, memory and storage. Regardless of what you choose, you gain access to our own infrastructure based on the best, leading cloud-technologies that the industry has to offer. Among other things, you get:

  • The best conceivable security
  • Access to our own geographically separate, Danish-based datacentres
  • Certified control and monitoring of your data, 24/7
  • The choice between a full installation or an extension of existing solutions
  • Substantial reduction of the company’s system costs
  • Full knowledge and control of the operational costs of your IT installations



IaaS data sheet

A closed circuit that provides the highest level of security

As a supplier of both datacentres and network solutions, GlobalConnect can guarantee that all data transport from your company to the IT infrastructure is protected optimally. Our IT control is based on consistent routines as well as monitoring and control according to the highest security standards, including ISAE 3402. It is your guarantee that our systems are geared to be able to handle even the worst conceivable scenarios.

Read more about the security of GlobalConnect and assess whether we can match Fort Knox.

Our cloud model is based on trust and partnership

GlobalConnect is a 100% Danish company, and our datacentres are located in physically separated locations across the country. This ensures that you get Danish (and of course also English) language support, should you need it, as well as the shortest possible distance for the company’s data. In short, you gain access to the industry’s safest and most thoroughly tested Danish cloud solution.

We also know that outsourcing IT activities can be a big step for a company to take and that we, as cloud providers, must be worthy of the highest level of trust. The service we offer is often very business-critical, and therefore, we must always regard ourselves as strategic partners rather than as part of a traditional customer-supplier relationship. We know the value of our work and the obligations it entails.

IaaS can be incorporated into a complete networking and cloud solution from GlobalConnect

A total solution, with a scope determined by you

Whether you want a full installation from GlobalConnect or whether you prefer a solution where we supplement an existing setup in a hybrid solution, the choice is yours. We make sure that all units and components, consisting of CPU, RAM, storage, networks and of course security all work optimally and that the installation is composed and designed so as to work not only today but also in the future.

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Even our service levels are flexible and can be adapted to your company’s needs

As a logical consequence of the way we have designed our solution models, we can also offer differentiated Service Level Agreements. This means that business-critical systems can receive the market’s highest level SLA, while the less critical systems can make do with a lower level. Furthermore, we can offer service agreements that guarantee uptime on the network as well as computing power, which means guaranteed uptime for the overall solution.


With GlobalConnect as a partner, your IT department will become proactive

Company IT departments are rarely regarded as critical contributors to business innovation, often because they are focused on the implementation and running of IT systems. By letting GlobalConnect take care of the daily routines, you can free up creative and innovative resources that can ensure development and innovation in your digital future.

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Through our thoroughly tested and intuitive trial programme, you will have the opportunity to test our cloud solutions for a limited time, so that you can discover how simple it can actually be to virtualise the company's datacentres. This will relieve your IT department of trivial updates and time-consuming maintenance, allowing them to focus on the development of your core business.


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