Corporate Security Service

Corporate Security Service | DDoS Hosted Firewall | Disaster Recovery

Corporate Security Service

It has become increasingly challenging for companies to keep up to speed when it comes to their data and operational security. As IT becomes increasingly essential to businesses, data becomes more valuable, and the fear of losing data grows stronger.

At GlobalConnect, we want to do more than simply offer our customers stable connections; we also want to give them the option to protect their data and systems from accidents and attacks. Therefore, we are constantly working on creating a number of solutions that can secure your infrastructure and data – now and in the future.

With Corporate Security Services, we work together to find a solution that secures your business in the best way possible. For example, we offer backup restore, disaster recovery, hosted firewall and DDoS protection solutions. But we can also help you access your data so that you can evaluate what is important and what may not need to be stored in a premium setup like GlobalConnect’s private cloud.

Added Corporate Services

Security is important, but we can do more than simply deliver services that protect your infrastructure from physical and virtual threats. GlobalConnect offers everything from raw, dark fibre and internet connections to business telephony and SIP trunking solutions that can link your company’s IT systems together in a closed circuit. You are also free to choose add-ons based on what your company finds relevant.

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