Security Solutions

Two Concepts: Operational Reliability and Data Security

These are concepts which we weigh extremely highly in our business. In fact, they are quite essential.

13,000 km of fibre in the ground and 13,000 sq. metres of data centres would be worth only little if we did not take operational reliability and data security extremely seriously. We believe that our customers' IT security is vital.

Security and operational reliability

Video surveillance


Security and Operational Reliability

Having taken on the responsibility of ensuring that a number of companies can maintain their operations because they have chosen to place their server facilities with us, we have also taken on the responsibility of ensuring operational reliability. That is why we have joined forces with the best in the field, who boast many years of experience in design, maintenance and operation of data centres.

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IT Security Plans

As part of the many measures we implement to secure your data and connections, we apply a Crisis Management Plan and a contingency plan. This is your guarantee that we know exactly how we can secure your data if the accident should happen.

In addition, we are ISAE 3402 approved. In short, this means that the auditing company BDO has reviewed all of our procedures and physical facilities right down to the last detail.

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We Know where your Data are - monitoring 24/7

Making data available on public networks can pose a major security risk. This applies particularly for suppliers who do not have their own servers and connections.

Via our own private network, and not least our own data centres, you can rest assured that we know exactly where your data are. And we monitor them all day from our Operations Management Centre (OMC) in Taastrup.

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Redundancy - the Safe Choice

For how long can you afford to be down? At GlobalConnect, we offer solutions for our customers that ensure maximum response in case of a critical failure. If you select redundancy from GlobalConnect you will get a precise definition of what redundancy covers. You also get backup of the full capacity of your connection. If you for example have a 100 Mbit solution, you will also have 100 Mbit the other way. That is more than other companies promise.

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Can we help you?

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Backup and Restore

Future backup and restore at current prices

With a backup and restore solution you will have peace to work. No more worrying about worn tapes or losing patience over tedious backup and restore routines which drag on forever.

We have automated the processes and at the same time created a solution which gives you a bullet-proof backup and a simple restore solution which restores your data quickly. 

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Disaster Recovery

The Complete Solution

If your own platform is down, you will need more than a backup. We can offer you Disaster Recovery. Here, we take your backup and send it to the cloud and further to our own Cloud platform.

We also offer ongoing synchronisation of your servers on our Cloud platform, so in case of an accident, we have an up-to-date backup ready for you. All we need to do is to press the button.

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DDoS Protection

Intelligent DDoS Solution!

Are you worried about DDoS attacks? Many companies are - and with good reason. Such an attack can quickly shut down a company. At GlobalConnect, we have developed an intelligent solution against DDoS attacks! It quite simply gets to know you business and what is normal and unusual. This means that it can, in record time, respond to an attack and ensure that all your other applications run as if nothing had happened.

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Hosted Firewall

- the Safest in the Sector

Are you looking for a Hosted Firewall based on a fully redundant and scalable platform? Where you never have to worry about purchasing equipment or updating current equipment, but can simply lean back confident that your company is in safe hands?

With a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and industry-leading SLAs, GlobalConnect is the answer to the above questions.

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